Frank Smith



Life Story

          Since my family came to America over two hundred years ago we have been Christians more specifically Methodist and have always been involved in the church. I gave my life to Christ when I was 12 years old. At 15 I stood before the Methodist District Conference and declared my beliefs and intention to become an Ordained Minister. For the next six years I was mentored by two Methodist Ministers Rev J.W. Sprinkle and Rev Gordon Casad. After High School I attended SMU majoring in New Testament and Early Christian History.
          In 1966 I met Judy, the love of my life. We were married in 1967. I was in the Air Force for a short time. In 1970 with the birth of our first daughter we moved to Cedar Hill, where we got involved in the local Methodist Church. For 10 years I was in the leadership of the church. In 1978 a new pastor, Rev Leroy Reaves, was assigned to the church. He turned my life upside down. He taught us, it is by faith in Christ Jesus not by our works that we are saved. Several years later he was transferred to West Texas, but the spiritual fire he had ignited in me and many others in the church continued to grow.
          In 1985 after two years of conflict with the Bishop and Leadership of the Methodist Church over the need for a Christ centered Spiritual Leader for our church, Judy and I with four other families formed Christ Methodist Church, later Christ Cornerstone Church. For several years those first families suffered the persecutions both from our Methodist friends and people of the community but also personal attacks by Satan.   In the first two months over 100 people became members. For 12 of the next 18 years, and especially during the dark days in 1989-1990 when the church almost died, I served as Head of the Steward Board. A Steward was a combination of an Elder and a Deacon. 
          With the Merger that formed Cornerstone Bible Church I was elected one of the Elders. In 2012 we sold our business and retired. Since that time I have become much more active in Cornerstone Bible Church. I am now serving as the Elder for Ministries. Ministries is the maturing of followers of Jesus through service to others in the church and the community.

Hope for Cornerstone Bible Church

          It is my hope and prayer that Cornerstone will increasingly make and mature followers of Jesus Christ, so that the whole world in the not too distant future will know HIM and all of us together before the Throne will lift up praise to GOD forever and ever, Amen.