David Skelton


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Life Story

          I was born in Texas but being a Navy kid I moved around quite a lot. I was pretty much raised in California until I was 15 years old. My dad retired from the Navy in 1979 and we moved to Texas where I’ve been ever since. 

          I was not raised in a ‘Christian’ home and the only religion I remember was that of Jehovah’s Witness. Once we moved to Texas my mother no longer pursued those teachings. But whenever someone would talk to me about religion or God that is all I knew to fall back on. 

          I accepted Christ as my personal savior in December 1986 and I was baptized in January 1987. I am very thankful that I made that decision before my son Taylor was born in September of that year because I would not have wanted to be that person I was, and raise a child. 

          I am currently married to Sheila Skelton whom I met while both of us worked at a TV station in Wichita Falls. We have 4 children together,  (yours, mine, and ours) Eric, Taylor, Logan and Sydney. We also are blessed with three grandchildren, Aubri and Jo Jo, and Jack from our son Eric and his wife Liz.  We have two grandchildren, Lizzie and Landry from our son Taylor and his wife Shanna. We our blessed with a son-in-law Eric Gohlke that our daughter Sydney married in 2018. I am truly blessed with a wife and family that loves God and I even had the privilege of baptizing Taylor and Sydney.  

          I have been in the TV biz since 1985 and have worked for FOX, PBS, US Gov’t, self-employed, and currently I am one of the Missions Producer/Editors for James Robison’s LIFE Outreach Int’l. This job is a direct answer to my prayers that allows me to directly use my talents for God’s kingdom in traveling the world helping others in need for water, food or to get out of human trafficking. 

          I also operate a Christian martial art school at the church called House of Courage Karate. This is a Christian martial art system that my daughter Sydney helped me create and helps me teach. This has truly turned into a mission field for us being able to biblically mentor children through karate. 

          My family and I became members of Cornerstone Bible Church in 2008. I have served on the Deacon board and continue to be used of God where needed.

Hope for Cornerstone Bible Church

          When we first came to Cornerstone my wife and I had already visited several others over the previous months. After we left there on our first visit we looked at each other in the car and said, ‘do we need to look anywhere else?’ We knew we were home there from the initial greetings and the solid word of God we received.  My hope for Cornerstone is that as we grow we are able to maintain that family feel that my wife and I were drawn to. I desire Cornerstone to shine the light of Christ brighter in our communities and around the world.