Shelli Boydstun



Life Story

          I grew up on a farm close to Clovis NM.  I have two older brothers and most of my family, including my mom, reside in Clovis today. Clovis was a great town to grow up around and my family was always heavily involved in a church.  I attended college close by my hometown and upon graduation moved to Lubbock Texas and then a couple of years later to Dallas area. I have been in the Dallas area since 1995. I currently work professionally in market research and customer analytics while also pursuing my doctorate degree in marketing.  My dad was a 3rd generation farmer, so I inherited a love for all things country and currently raise chickens and a large vegetable garden.  For many years, I attended church sporadically and having grown up with a strong church family always missed that connection. 

Hope for Cornerstone Bible Church

         My hope for Cornerstone is that we will serve as a welcoming church for the community and continue to grow our church family spiritually.