Myron Plotz



Life Story

          I was born and raised in Southern CA. My sister and I became latchkey kids when our parents divorced when I was 7 and our mom had to go to work.  I lived with mom until my sophomore year when I moved in with my dad.  I had been a lonely, uncool kid without many friends and Dad could offer me things to help me try to be cool and hopefully the friends would come.  I met a girl my senior year and we began to date.  She did something I had only done twice in my life.  She went to church. At her church I met Jesus for the first time and accepted him as my savior.  For the first three years I still worshiped her.  Then God brought me to a point of decision.  I got serious about Him and lost the girl.


In that college youth group I also met friends who helped me grow closer to the Lord including a new best friend who later became my wife.  Cookie and I have been married since 1983 and have 5 grown children and 8 grand children.  Following in my father’s footsteps I got my General Building Contractor’s License at age 19 and started my own company.  Since that time of re-dedication to the Lord in college I have spent countless hours studying the Bible and was blessed to get to go to Bible college for a couple of years.  My heart has always been to share with youth, especially junior high students, that God has created each of them on purpose and for a purpose.  We have been working with youth for well over 25 years and count it as a blessing.


We moved to Texas in 2015 when our landlord of 20 years decided to sell our home.  At that time our eldest son and his family moved to AR and our eldest daughter and her family moved here to Texas.  Although it was hard to leave family, friends, and ministry behind we felt God calling us here.  I found Cornerstone Bible Church on my second day here and have been attending ever since.  We were thankful to be asked to work with the youth, have a Life Group in our home and for me to join the Elder Board. 

Hope for Cornerstone Bible Church

          My dream for Cornerstone Bible Church is to help all those who walk through our doors to grow in their relationship with the Lord as individuals and together as part of God’s forever family.