Michael McTall


Life Story

          Born in Morgantown, West Virginia, the son of a career Army officer I lived in Germany as a young boy for a while before the divorce of my parents brought me back to Morgantown. Although church was not a regular part of our life I was baptized in the Methodist church at age six. I can remember always understanding that there was a God and that Jesus was His son. I prayed often when I was in need but without a strong Christian upbringing did not know much about faith or being saved and didn’t attend church regularly.
          We moved to Grand Prairie when I was eight and I grew up there, getting married to my first wife directly out of high school and becoming a father shortly thereafter. I was married for 36 years before the marriage ended in divorce in 2006. I had asked Christ to be the Lord of my life six years prior to that but had not surrendered my life to Him and still did not even attend church or read the bible regularly. 
          I met my current wife, Nancy, in late 2006, and through her leading came to Christ and began my walk in faith. I became involved with a church and a Men’s Group and began a regular study of God’s Word. A year later Nancy moved here from Canada and we married. We then sought a new church home and found that in Cornerstone Bible Church. 
          I have a son, 45, from my first marriage, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Nancy has two sons, 46 and 39, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
          I work as a manufacturer’s sales representative selling commercial doors and hardware in five states. I have owned my own agency for 25 years and currently employ two. Nancy retired from her job as a part time school teacher, teaching ESL, and as a Home-Stay Mother where she provided her home for international college students. Prior to that time she was a foster mother for two children over a seven year period. 
          Since we joined Cornerstone Bible Church I’ve become more involved in my walk and began serving. Through daily prayer, study and fellowship with other believers, both in and outside of our church, I’ve sought to know and trust my Lord Jesus and His Will for me in my everyday life.
          In March 2012 I attended a spiritual renewal retreat that changed my life as a follower of Jesus Christ forever. During that weekend I experienced God in the most intimate and meaningful way I ever had. He spoke to me about His Will for me and His purpose for my life and since then I’ve been seeking more of Him every day.

Hope for Cornerstone Bible Church

          My hope for our church is that we can be the light of Christ to those who are seeking the purpose for their life, to help mature those who are believers but not yet followers of Christ, to welcome others into our family by sharing God’s Grace and Love, to open our hearts to those who have been discouraged by hurtful experiences with other churches or Christians and to lead as many others to Christ as we can.