David Webster

Chairman & Grounds


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Life Story

          Born and raised in the Western Park area of Oak Cliff for the first 16 years of my life, I am thankful to have grown up in a Christian home with parents and grandparents to guide me through my walk with God.
          I remember one of those evenings as a 13 year old having left church and stopped by Blockbuster. On the way home, my dad and I began talking about what it meant to be a Christian. That night I committed my life to Christ. By no means did that make my life easy, but from that point on I truly knew that I had a Savior to walk with me and talk with me for eternity.
My wife, Lisa, and I met when we were freshman in High School. She is a graduate of Cedar Hill High and me from Midlothian High School. We were married in Cedar Hill in 1998 and lived here until we moved to Midlothian in 2002.
          God has blessed us with two amazing daughters. My oldest is currently attending college studying to be a High School English teacher and my youngest is at Midlothian High School where she is very active in soccer and band. These two girls are truly a fathers dream. They love the Lord, love their family and have an affinity for serving others.
I am a career firefighter in Irving, Tx. In leisure, I am a soccer fanatic and board game hobbyist. My wife teaches 4th grade at Life School in Lancaster and spends most of her time focused on helping her students succeed.
          I became a member of Cornerstone Bible Church during its conception in December 2002. I have served on leadership boards and committees, using my gifts and strengths where God leads. I enjoy chaperoning for youth events including two mission trips to New Orleans and youth camps to Colorado and Alabama. 


Hope for Cornerstone Bible Church

          I really appreciate how much our church feels like a family. Guests, regular attendees and members have all expressed how loved they feel when they walk through our doors. My hope for Cornerstone Bible Church is to maintain that unconditional welcome. I desire for our church to always live by Christ’s greatest commandment: Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul; Love your neighbor as yourself. (Paraphrased) Mathew 22:36-40